Mission Statement

To prevent fires and other emergencies through public education.
To prevent loss of life and property in the event of a fire or other emergency.
To provide these services to the people in the Town of Ramseur in the most professional and efficient manner possible.

Founded in 1939

Founded in 1939, the Ramseur Fire Department has seen tremendous change over the years. In March of 2004, the department moved from its longtime station on Liberty Street to a brand new facility located at 741 Coleridge Road. The station still houses the Town’s first fire truck, a 1939 Ford Oren, which makes an appearance each year at the Ramseur Christmas Parade which is sponsored by the department. In addition to the ’39 Ford, Station 4 is home to a 1993 KME Custom Cab, a 2006 KME, and a quick response vehicle, along with a variety of other equipment necessary for effective fire suppression and medical response. Although supported by the taxpayers of Ramseur, the department has been aggressive in seeking grant funds to assist in the purchase of gear and equipment. To date, the department has received $165,275.57 in federal and state grant funds.

The Ramseur Fire Department is an all-volunteer force, all of whom take pride in providing exceptional service to the Town of Ramseur. In addition to the highly visible tasks of responding to fire and medical calls, members of the department have a wide variety of other responsibilities.

These additional duties include educating the public, testing and maintaining the Town’s fire hydrants, maintaining department vehicles and equipment, and performing fire pre-plans for the many businesses in Town. Firefighters have the additional responsibility of training regularly and fulfilling annual requirements necessary to obtain and maintain their certifications.

Members of the Ramseur Fire Department meet each Monday evening at 7:00. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer or in learning more about the department is encouraged to attend.

The Ramseur Fire Department has a current ISO rating of 4.

Most fire deaths are preventable. 
Test your smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries twice a year.
Make a fire escape plan for your residence and practice your plan!

Jay Ledwell
Fire Chief

Craig Parrish
Asst. Chief