Meeting Information

The Town of Ramseur Board of Commissioners meets the first Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. If the meeting night falls on a holiday, the meeting is typically rescheduled. Other meetings may also be scheduled for emergency purposes or special purposes such as budget preparation.

How it works – Proposed action items are developed by either elected officials or town staff and consist of proposed administrative policy, legislation establishing or amending town ordinances, zoning cases, site plan consideration, and other issues. Board action comes in the form of an ordinance or resolution for most items.

Lending your voice – Public hearings and public comments allow the public to voice an opinion on the issues. Public hearings and public comments are conducted at the business meetings unless otherwise posted. Although not all matters require hearings, public hearings are typically required by law for certain items such as rezonings and annexations. Public hearing comments are used by the board during their deliberation of an item. Each meeting agenda makes allowance for a period of public comment which provides a means for people to address the board on nearly any matter.

Meeting Agendas